Updated Tokenomics

21bn of the 28bn dev fund

initially created has been burned.🔥

The majority of XME tokens are already out in wallets.
Currently there is approx 4bn available on the order books.

The airdrop was 50bn and 1bn+ more has been distributed in social giveaways.

There is 51bn on the market with another 5bn to be distributed in giveaways.

Total circulating supply of 57BN.
(Plus dev reserves as shown below).

To date no reserves have been sold at all and the wallets are disclosed in the whitepaper and hold the amounts as shown in the chart.

You can view everyones wallets on the richlist (link below).

10BN Burn Fund 🔥

The burn fund of 10bn is on hold and may be put to vote for other uses.
It is the top wallet as shown on the richlist

XME is Blackholed

The account is "blackholed" and so no more tokens can ever be created.

This is verifiable by pasting the issuing address (of any token) into XRPSCAN, from here you can see the KYC and Blackhole status of any token.
Click hereto view the XME issuing address on xrpscan.